Stampy96  2-pack

Stampy96 2-pack


Be extra efficient with our Stampy96 two-pack!


These high-capacity stamps imprint the layout of a 96-well plate, including enumerated columns and rows. Stampy96 reduces time commitment for researchers, is easily repeatable if an error is made during experimental design (e.g. wrong concentrations), and comes reinforced for durability with an increased ink reservoir. 


Efficiency Squared is conscious of environmental impact and all our products are reusable and low emissions. All ink is smudge-resistant and permanent.

Stampy96 quickly creates an imprint of a standard 96-well plate (with enumerated columns and rows), saving time and improving legibility. Gain the freedom of drawing but with the speed of printing in a single, eco-friendly, uncluttered solution. Every Stampy96 includes complimentary black ink, but head over to our replacement ink pads sections to get other colours!

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