Established in 2019 by students at Durham and Oxford Universities, Efficiency Squared creates products and offers services to improve laboratory researcher productivity, reproducibility, and transparency.

By definition, laboratories and research centres are at the forefront of technological development; however, scientists often rely on rudimentary methods for basic tasks, such as record keeping – a cornerstone of scientific research.

Our Strategy, Explained

Optimisation and reengineering of simple, readily manufacturable tools in this sector is overlooked on a daily basis - understandably, scientists are rather more busy developing complex, cutting edge technologies! In this sense, Efficiency Squared contends that the more advanced a research centre is, the more opportunities are overlooked.


The first of our products, Stampy96, has been benchmarked, prototyped, and sourced from commercial distributors and won a Highly Commended prize from Durham University in their Blueprint Startup Challenge 2019.

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